research based interactive learning plattform

+++ Work in progress +++ 

We are currently building a research-based entrepreneurship platform

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// Entrepreneurship Starter Class

In 10 short modules you will learn the entrepreneurship basics from a scientific perspective. Each module contains a training session where you can put your knowledge to the test.

// what our ERLab is working on

The ERLab is a community of researchers at the European University Viadrina investigating on central aspects of entrepreneurial activities in organisations and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our research projects focus on relevant factors for the functioning of these ecosystems. These include #community, #creativity and #communication.

// What's new?

Recently starred high impact research papers from our community

The will be an AI-based solution „scientific paper2video“ soon.

What makes Entrepeneurs //

What questions do you have to research?
We are the researchers of the ERLab and we are happy to receive questions at the Founders Campus in Heilbronn that we answer.

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