ERLab Days 2024

What makes an Entrepreneurial ecosystem?

27.05 – 29.05.2024


The Entrepreneurship Research Lab invites Scholars, Researchers, Practitioners & PhDs to create research-based value for the Entrepreneurial world.

frankfurt (oder) – Berlin

Free Entry

First Come first serve






Networking, Scientific Exchange & Exploration Day



Arrival Day

06:00 PM

Networking & Dinner

Burger Van & Drinks @ Logensaal

Our opening event welcomes you to the European University Viadrina. With some nice freshly prepared burgers and finger food you can get to know each other and exchange ideas in a pleasant atmosphere.



Scientific Exchange Day

During the ’scientific exchange day,‘ we aim to initiate a discourse on the topics of communication, creativity, and community in the entrepreneurial context. Central to this initiative is the exchange between practitioners, researchers, and founders. To facilitate this interaction, we have organized two open PDWs (Paper Development Workshops), providing a platform for PhD students to present their ideas to topic experts and receive feedback from a diverse audience, including experts, practitioners, researchers, and founders.

As a second main point on the agenda, we will host an inclusive panel discussion. This discussion is designed to bridge the perspectives of researchers, practitioners, and founders on current topics surrounding communication, creativity, and community in entrepreneurship.

09:00 AM

09:30 AM

10:00 AM

12:30 PM

02:00 PM

02:30 PM

07:00 PM


@ Logensaal

First Keynote Speakers

@ Logensaal

PDW on Communication, Community & Creativity

paper development workshop @ Logensaal


Second Keynote Speaker

@ Logensaal

Entrepreneurial Panel Discussion

@ Logensaal

Dinner & Music

Speakers & Panelists



Exploration Day

During the „exploration day“ we are going to visit a startup in Beeskow and a founders ecosystem in Berlin for Hard Tech innovation. You can get a taste of the innovative air of Kreuzberg/Berlin and conclude with a culinary experience.


09:30 AM

03:00 PM

06:30 PM

Company Ecosystem

Ice Guerilla was the first startup that built an online ice generator with shipping, but went bankrupt. Now they are starting up again in the ice manifacturing business. We will have a walk through the factory building, taste the ice cream and listen to the story of failure and success.

Founders Ecosystem

In the Hardtech innovation hub in Berlin, we will practice prototyping and visit the infrastructure startups in the ecosystem of MotionLab.Berlin receive.

Closing Dinner

We end the day at the hip restaurant „Kante“, owned by the famous German actor and singer Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht.


We have reserved a contingent for the ERLab Days at the Hotel Kaliski, Slubice

269 PLN/ 62 € Single Room 
50 zł/ 11 € Breakfast
Reservation keyword „ERLab Days“ until May 22 2024. You can also book via, Geschäftsreise, and add „ERLab Days“ at Besondere Anmerkungen.

The hotel is a nice riverwalk away from our most important location Logensaal in the Logenhaus of the European University Viadrina.