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How can I motivate decision-makers to talk to me about my business?

Motivating decision-makers to engage in conversation about your business involves a combination of knowing who they are and where they „hang out“ and understanding their roles, responsibilities, and interests. Highlight the benefit they have from your value proposition and make sure that your conversation serves them with supportive information showing that you are a ‚market insider‘. This approach is supported by the principles of ‚Customer Value Proposition‘ in marketing literature.

Stay empathic, curious and comprehensive by asking valuable questions and listen carefully. A study by Granovetter, „The Strength of Weak Ties“, highlights the importance of networks in accessing new information and opportunities. In the best case, you can find a door opener to his/her network to introduce you. Stay persistent and respectful in your attempts of reaching out to the decision-maker you want to address.

For this question a scientific approach is not necessary. Building a business as a mom in the Heilbronn area involves accessing specific support networks and resources that cater to entrepreneurs, particularly those balancing business and family life. This could be the Local Chamber of Commerce (IHK Heilbronn-Franken), Women’s Business Centers, Programs or Networks e.g. Female Founders Heilbronn, the online community mompreneurs or Startup Incubators like the Campus Founders linked to educational programs and access at the Bildungscampus.  Don’t forget to find the right Childcare Support depending on your needs and interests. 

Remember, networking and making connections will be key to finding the support you need. It’s also helpful to keep an eye on local business events, workshops, and seminars that can provide you with valuable knowledge and networking opportunities.

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